The Carnaby Christmas Shopping Party



I spent last weekend looking for nice presents to bring to Italy with me. With Christmas just around the corner, only 6 weekends away, I think we all need some ideas.
Here is one: this coming Thursday 13th November, one of my favourite street in London will host a fantastic event, the Carnaby Christmas Shopping Party, where you will find live music with over 50 DJs, complimentary drinks, trend talks from Grazia and also 20% off in over 100 shops, Bars & Restaurants across the 13 streets of Carnaby including my favourites Brandy Melville, Benefit Cosmetics and The Kooples.
I always go with friends and we’ve never been disappointed, come and join us! :)
Get your ticket here. 

Carnaby Christmas Shopping Party
Thursday 13 November 2014 5pm -9pm
The photo below is from last Christmas in Carnaby.

Winter cycling tips



A few weeks ago I had a discussion with my boyfriend about how many lights you should have on the bike during Winter commutes to work.

Winter is a testing time not only for your motivation but for your bike and equipment too.


Being seen is the most crucial thing. Wear a brightly coloured jacket. It doesn’t have to be fluorescent, but you’re making it very hard for other road users to see you if you’re in black or grey (and I always wear dark jackets in Winter). Being seen also means lights. Even if you’re not planning to ride in the dark, it can be very gloomy on some grey, overcast days. It’s best to play safe and get some lights on your bike throughout the winter.

I have found these nice infographics from the LV website that I’d like to share with you.



This is NOT a sponsored post, LV shared these information with me and I thought they could be useful.

Do you know that running a mile…




English version only.

I started running this Summer, you knew that already and I don’t want stress you more then usual on this. :-)
My goal is being able to run 10Km by next Spring, 10 km seems to me a reasonable distance, but I have recently read that running a mile (1.6km) has the same life-lengthening benefits as a marathon.

The study (research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology), which lasted 15 years and included 55,137 adults, discovered that those who ran for less than an hour a week gained the same health benefits as those who ran for over three hours a week.
This is good news for a number of reasons, of course it means that we have more time to do other activities, but also that the risk of injuries becomes very low. Running a marathon is hugely satisfying but also painful and dangerous for your body. I don’t think I will ever run a marathon, however the above research is interesting to me and I guess to everybody else who thinks you have to run a lot to see health benefits.

Let’s go for a run!


Because we are talking about running I want to show you what I got a few weeks ago. JoggBox is a subscription box and each month, as a member, you will receive a package filled with the best nutrition products out on the market, new accessories and outfits designed to keep the perfect balance of comfort and style while running.

In the October box I have found:

  • 2 Push Energy Gels
  • 1 Pulsin Vanilla Choc Chip Bar
  • 1 Elivar Endure sachet
  • 2 Frank Food Snack Bars
  • 1 Miso Soup by Clearspring
  • 1 KT TAPE Fastpack
  • 1 Body Glide Anti Chafe
  • 1 iPhone Armband by JoggBox

I really liked the Miso Soup by Clearspring, brand of which I am a huge fan, the Frank Food snack bars and the iPhone Armband because I didn’t have one and I now know the difference between running with the phone in your hands or having them free… much much better with the armband. :-)

I can’t wait to try the KT TAPE Fastpack because I used it before during my physiotherapy sessions with good results and I want to see if I will be able to use it alone.

The cost of the box is £15 + £3P&P per month.
The October box was a kind treat from the lovely folks at JoggBox.

First image copyright by Saucony.

Scendiamo dal divano? 20-minute workout



Nelle ultime settimane molto cose sono cambiate nella mia vita, una di queste è che ho cambiato lavoro, alcuni di voi già lo sanno, altri no, ma ve lo racconterò presto in un post dedicato, promesso.

Dicevo, ho cambiato lavoro, ufficio, settore e di conseguenza anche I miei ritmi sono differenti, a partire dal fatto che sono passata da allenarmi 6-7 giorni a settimana a trovare il tempo per andare in palestra 2-3 volte al massimo.

Mi rendo conto che è comunque un buon numero, ma mi sento meno tonica, la schiena è più dolorante e in due mesi anche la mia postura è peggiorata.

OK non è la fine del mondo, ma ho bisogno di fare di più per sentirmi meglio con me stessa…. Non è una questione di immagine, ma di benessere personale.

Sto quindi cercando di migliorare la mia alimentazione, riducendo il consumo di zuccheri e leggendo bene le etichette, ad esempio, sapevate che i conrnflakes contengono un sacco di zuccheri? Io no :(

In questo la Stevia, mi sta aiutando permettendomi di non rinunciare allo smoothie o alla torta fatta in casa, ma riducendo le calorie che assimilo.

Oltre all’alimentazione sto cercando di fare un po’ di esercizio anche a casa, attività che vi giuro mi costa una fatica enorme, appena mi tolgo le scarpe divento la regina del divano, ma mi rendo conto che anche 10 minuti fanno la differenza.

Per questo motivo voglio mostrarvi uno video che Misura Stevia ha realizzato in collaborazione con un personal trainer per lavorare sulle 3 aree principali del corpo: arti inferiori, arti superiori e addominali.

 - Gli altri allenamenti li trovate qui - 

Gli esercizi che trovate nei video sono semplici ma efficaci e sono gli esercizi che tutti i PTs propongono per ottenere un fisico tonico e “sano”. Ogni workout dura 20 minuti, quindi non abbiamo scuse… vi alzate con me dal divano? :)

Tra l’altro, se avete letto i precedenti post in collaborazione con Misura saprete che il concorso “La dolcezza che ti premia” è  giunto alla fase finale per cui vi invito ad esprimere la vostra preferenza per il Dolce Campione Regionale preferito qui e provare a vincere 50 euro in buoni acquisto.

In bocca al lupo e buon workout :)


The Lust List │Halloween



Spooky English post only.

1 Wizard

Lush Bubble Bar, £ 3.25

With tangerine oil, juniper berry and fennel essential oils, the Wizard banishes stress and helps you recover. Be quick to grab him because he will disappear in a POP after Halloween. :-)

2 Black Halloween Sweet Print Socks

New Look, £1.99

I am obsessed with socks and whether you celebrate Halloween or not, these spooky socks are great for one night or everyday wear.

3 Pumpkin icing shower gel 

Philosophy skincare available at Debenhams, £14

The sweet scent of pumpkin icing of this shower gel is the perfect way to start the day, that should be followed by a slice of pumpkin pie and a latte. :-)

4 Deepest Dahlia & Silver Foil

Pixi Nail Polish, £8 each.

An intense deep burgundy-plum and a metallic silver nail polish to create the perfect DIY Halloween Nails like these.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post and the products above are chosen according to my preferences. Almost all of the products below have an online shop with worldwide shipping available.

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