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My ongoing shopping column updated with the latest products I tried and liked. Only the products I really liked made the cut 🙂
Let me know your thoughts on The Lust List – People on the go.
Disclaimer: this is not a paid post and the products included are chosen according to my preferences.

The Lust List – People on the go


Smuve is the first portable shaker blender!
It’s designed so that you can literally blend and drink from the cup wherever you are, whether that’s work, in the gym, in the car or anywhere else. 
It’s very compact and can be recharged via a USB cable.

2 – ZENB

From Zenbu — the Japanese expression for whole — ZENB products are made with people and planet in mind to help you live a balanced, happy life. ZENB have recently launched a new dairy free, organic veggie snack in the UK.
They send you these veggie bars directly at home and the great thing is that these bars are using more parts of the veggie including core, peel, seeds, and stem.
Beetroot, orange and cacao nibs is probably my favourite combo, it’s simply delicious!

3 – Whey Protein – World’s Kitchen

We might not be able to travel right now, but we can play with flavours to remind us of food we love from all around the world.
I make a smoothie every week to help my protein intake and I tried the World’s Kitchen Impact Whey Protein, Indian Inspired Mango flavour which is simply delicious. You can see my smoothie here and the ingredients are super simple: frozen mango, ginger, turmeric, orange juice and one scoop of the Indian Inspired Mango protein.
The other flavours avaiable are Stroopwafel, Eton Mess, Pastel de Nata, Irish Coffee, Crème Brûlée, US Style Choc Peanut Butter and Chocolate Truffle flavours.

4 – Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant

I know I am the ultimate fan girl when we talk about Dermalogica, but I simply love their products because THEY DO WORK!
One of their latest launches is the Hydro Masque Exfoliant.
An hydrating and exfoliating five-minute masque that smoothes and renews your skin for a luminous, healthy-looking complexion. If you are like me and never use masks because you don’t have the patience to keep them on, this is the right product for you.
Only 5 minutes once a week are enough to exfoliate and hydrate your skin.
Sorry, no more excuses 🙂

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