The Lust List – Camel Tints

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My shopping column updated with the latest products I liked, today I am sharing my Lust List on Camel Tints.
Autumn palette is coming, so we need to be ready 🙂
As usual only the products I really liked made the cut!
Anything you fancy? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Instagram.
Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post and the products included in each Lust List articles are chosen according to my preferences.

The Lust List – Camel Tints

1 – LuvLoops Jewellery

Sustainable, stunning jewelry also very affordable and made ethically.
I have a long lust list on their site. 🙂

2 – Twist Strap Camel Leather

From Alohas, a made in Spain brand, I love these open toe mules that will show your tanned feet – mine are still British white 🙁
They will add a twist to any day to night outfit.

3 – Jimmy Fairly Eyewear

Retro, colorful, oversized and glamour, this French Brand is great quality at a fair price. Most of the collection is 99 euro/£ including prescription lenses.
And for every pair sold, they give one to someone in need. I wish I discovered them before I bought my expensive – and uncomfortable – Ray-Ban with prescription lenses.

4 -Zara Bodysuit

This bodysuit was a must have of the Summer 2020 and Zara has included it in the Autumn collection too!
I love the Beige colour but they also introduced a light purple version which is very tempting. Which one you would go for?

Zara Bodysuit

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