The Lust List – Alice Through the Looking Glass

I feel morally obliged to write this post. 🙂

Have you seen Disney’s movie yet? I am going this week,  I can’t wait to see Alice and her dream world on the big screen again.

Below a selection of my favourite Alice collections out now.


  1. Alice Through The Looking Glass Journal – Disney
    I do need another notepad, don’t I?
  2. Urban Decay lipsticks
    These five limited-edition shades of Lipstick pay tribute to UD favorite movie characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, the White and Red Queen and Time.
  3. French Sole Flats
    Here are the top picks from Life’s A Tea Party and #alicexfrenchsole collections. I need the flaming slippers.
  4. Topsy Mug – Disney
    3 mugs in one, finished with illustrations of Cheshire Cat and The Queen of Hearts. Yes, I already bought it. 😀
  5. Urban Decay eyeshadow palette
    This limited-edition, pop-up palette is a trippy tribute to UD favorite characters from the film.

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