Pizza Gourmet week at Harrods

This October Italian artisan chefs Franco Pepe and Simone Padoan will take the helm of The Pizzeria at Harrods to offer six special gourmand creations.

From Tuesday 27th until Saturday 31st October, Harrods will introduce Pizza Gourmet, a pop-up at the Pizzeria on the second floor, where Italian chefs Franco Pepe and Simone Padoan will provide food lovers with pizzas specially crafted. 

Sharing two completely different backgrounds, cooking methods, recipes and ingredients, Pepe and Padoan will celebrate their own unique styles in a five-day pizza feast.

Pepe has created a menu combining Neapolitan tradition and innovative cooking technology to offer customers a contemporary twist on the classic Italian pizza. Menu highlight includes the Mistaken Margherita, which involves the tomato being cold reduced to maintain and enhance its strong taste and then added to the pizza at the end of the cooking process.

Padoan is known as the inventor of the new Italian pizza, changing the way classic pizza is perceived. Menu highlight includes the ‘From Land to Sea’ pizza with fresh red shrimps and Mediterranean vegetables.

Pizza Gourmet opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 12:00pm to 9:00pm – Saturday 11.30am to 9:00pm

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