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Over the last year and a half I have become addicted to the gym. No idea how this has been possible, I am always been quite lazy and I always found different excuses to not go to the gym: “I work till late, I work too much, it’s freezing outside, I will start tomorrow and blah blah…”

Then I found that is actually nice when you start to exercise and you find yourself more reactive, strong and you see your body changing and getting more fit, not to mention that you have more energy all day.

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When I had the chance to visit the Be:Fit London I was quite excited about the chance of trying some of the most famous workouts in the world. Unfortunately the time flew very quickly and I couldn’t do everything.

I started my day with a yoga session, always the perfect way to wake up and resume concentration, coming out of it totally re-tempered.

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Then I popped by the Beyonce Workout, to learn how to dance – and walk – like Queen Bee. You can see here 15 seconds of our dance session, I met so many other girls and we really had fun.

Then Insanity the world’s most popular fitness DVD that promises to give you an amazing body in 60 days. I can say that it is really INSANE: you jump and run and squat and jump and push and jump and kick and jump for 1 hour! You burn around 1000 calories during a session and the key point is that you still burn calories after the training.

I absolutely trust them, if you survive, you will get the perfect body!

After the workout I had a look at the exhibitors stands and I want to share a few that I liked.

Upbeat, the small bottle packed full of protein.
The dairy drink contains 20g of protein, as much as a chicken breast or four eggs. I have learnt that our bodies are only able to absorb about 30g of protein at any one time, so it’s best to distribute the daily protein intake across the day.

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Protein First, a high protein ice cream.
Each 150ml tub contains at least 15g of protein, is low in fat and is fortified with added vitamins.
I am quite picky about ice-cream and the lady at Protein First dared me to try it. Chocolate & Hazelnut flavour was my lunch on Sunday and I can say that it was delicious, better than many ice-creams you can get at the supermarket.


Vivid Matcha green tea.
Everybody knows the Matcha green tea, the natural powerhouse used by monks in the hills of Japan to improve concentration & wellbeing. They come in three different flavours, try all… you won’t regret it!

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First photo © Jimi Rae.

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