The Lust List │Halloween 15

Spooky English post only.?


1 – Stella McCartney (they call it Stellaween)

All-in-one in black with glow in the dark skeleton print design.
For when you didn’t sleep a wink all night 🙂

2 – H&M

Why they don’t do this in my size!? For BatGirls only 🙂
Bat dress £14.99

3 – Primark

You might not like Halloween, but what about cute socks? I have probably 50 pairs, and for this price, I am sure they are going to be in my shopping bag soon.

Halloween trainer socks £ 2.00

4 – ? LUSH ?

It’s a pumpkin which smells like citrus. For long sparkly baths.

Sparkly Pumpkin £3.65

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