Insta-Paese, ovvero photos, style, places N°8

1471924_10152019904709399_1629363219_n Here are some random pics of the last weeks. Enjoy them! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (sonia80). I wish you a wonderful day!
Ecco un  mix di foto delle ultime settimane, spero che vi piacciano e vi ricordo che potete seguirmi su Instagram come sonia80. Vi auguro una buona giornata! 2013-10-09_1381348089 New Autumn colour for my nails 2013-10-12_1381588524 Busaba Eathai, the easiest way to eat Thai food in London2013-10-13_1381674611 I want these shoes for my mantelpiece, not sure about my feet :) (Zaha Hadid for United Shoes) 2013-10-19_1382174243 St. Paul Cathedral2013-10-19_1382181908 Southbank2013-10-19_1382210665 I love Autumn :-) 2013-10-23_1382514803 Will I find the golden ticket? 2013-10-26_1382780953 DIY present for a friend (wool+Fimo)2013-10-26_1382781775 Weekend breakfast 2013-11-02_1383389841 Weekend breakfast n°2 2013-11-02_1383414720 First pumpkin spice latte of my life 2013-11-05_1383651401 Finally in Italy the limited edition Coca Cola Light by Marc Jacobs!

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