Restaurant Review: Evoluzione – Xenia Hotel

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Here we are with a new Restaurant Review: Evoluzione – Xenia Hotel.
When it comes to restaurants and bars the variety in London is huge and you can easily find typical dishes from each Italian regions.

I have visited Hotel Xenia which is arranging a series of culinary events, each time with a different Italian Guest Chef who will expertly take the diners through different Italian regions, flavours and traditions.

Restaurant Review: Evoluzione - Xenia Hotel

Restaurant Review: Evoluzione – Xenia Hotel

Hotel Xenia’s restaurant, Evoluzione, welcomed Chef Demuro Maria on a culinary journey across the Basilicata region with a five course dinner paired with wine.

Restaurant Review: Evoluzione – Xenia Hotel – Menu


Aubergine Frittella Surprise / Caprese by the glass / sphere of swordfish

Wine: “Le Paglie” – Greco – Matera DOC 2014 – Cantine Cerrolongo



Evolution of traditional pasta, cozze e fagioli Sartoni (pasta, mussels and Sartoni beans)

Wine: “L’Ariella” – Greco – DOCG 2013 – az. Agr. Vinosia

Restaurant Review: Evoluzione - Xenia Hotel


The potato make the eggs

With Porcini, fondue of Caciocavallo cheese and cauliflower

Wine: Rosato d’Aglianico IGT 2013 – Az. Agr. Vinosia

Caciocavallo (literally “cheese on horseback”) is a type of stretched-curd cheese made out of sheep’s or cow’s milk. It is produced throughout Southern Italy, particularly in the Apennine Mountains.

Restaurant Review: Evoluzione - Xenia Hotel


Cream of broad beans

With Cavatelli, pesto chicory and Crusco Tipico Lucano pepper

Wine: “Akratos” – Primitivo – Matera DOC 2012 – Cantine Cerrolongo

Restaurant Review: Evoluzione - Xenia Hotel


Lamb chop

Stuffed with asparagus and carrots, Timballo spinach with vegetable served with Aglianico reduction

Wine: “Caselle” – Aglianico del Vulture RISERVA 2007 – Cantine D’Angelo

Note: I don’t eat lamb and the chef provided me with a plate full of timballo and veggies. 🙂

Restaurant Review: Evoluzione - Xenia Hotel



Brownies, Candonga strawberry sorbet, lemon and meringue

Wine: Greco di Bianco DOP 2007 – Ceratti

Candonga strawberries grow in Basilicata and are very sweet and tasty even if eaten plain.

Restaurant Review: Evoluzione - Xenia Hotel

Top Treat: My favourite part of the dinner was the pasta, cozze e fagioli mousse. Even if the dish was completely revisited, I could recognise the traditional flavours I have experienced while in Matera.

Address: 160 Cromwell Road, London SW5 0TL. Occupying 19th-century townhouse, this luxury boutique hotel is 6 minutes’ walk from Earl’s Court tube station.

Price: £65 per person; includes welcome aperitif and Guest Chef meal

Thank you Evoluzione for hosting a great evening.


  • Sonia ha detto:

    visitai la Basilica qualche anno fa per la prima volta, me ne sono innamorata e non vedo l’ora di tornarci

  • Fede ha detto:

    La Basilicata e’ bellissima e, cultura a parte, un paradiso della gastronomia. Bell’evento davvero!

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