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When it comes to restaurants and bars the variety in London is incredible and you can even find typical dishes from one of my favourite Italian region.

A few weeks ago I have been to Hotel Xenia which is arranging a series of culinary events, each time with a different Italian Guest Chef who will expertly take the diners through different Italian regions, flavours and traditions.

Hotel Xenia’s restaurant, Evoluzione, welcomed Chef Demuro Maria on a culinary journey across the Basilicata region with a five course dinner paired with wine.


Here is the menu


Aubergine Frittella Surprise / Caprese by the glass / sphere of swordfish

Wine: “Le Paglie” – Greco – Matera DOC 2014 – Cantine Cerrolongo



Evolution of traditional pasta, cozze e fagioli Sartoni (pasta, mussels and Sartoni beans)

Wine: “L’Ariella” – Greco – DOCG 2013 – az. Agr. Vinosia



The potato make the eggs

With Porcini, fondue of Caciocavallo cheese and cauliflower

Wine: Rosato d’Aglianico IGT 2013 – Az. Agr. Vinosia

 Caciocavallo (literally “cheese on horseback”) is a type of stretched-curd cheese made out of sheep’s or cow’s milk. It is produced throughout Southern Italy, particularly in the Apennine Mountains.



Cream of broad beans

With Cavatelli, pesto chicory and Crusco Tipico Lucano pepper

Wine: “Akratos” – Primitivo – Matera DOC 2012 – Cantine Cerrolongo



Lamb chop

Stuffed with asparagus and carrots, Timballo spinach with vegetable served with Aglianico reduction

Wine: “Caselle” – Aglianico del Vulture RISERVA 2007 – Cantine D’Angelo

Note: I don’t eat lamb and the chef provided me with a plate full of timballo and veggies. 🙂




Brownies, Candonga strawberry sorbet, lemon and meringue

Wine: Greco di Bianco DOP 2007 – Ceratti

Candonga strawberries grow in Basilicata and are very sweet and tasty even if eaten plain.



Top Treat: My favourite part of the dinner was the pasta, cozze e fagioli mousse. Even if the dish was completely revisited, I could recognise the traditional flavours I have experienced while in Matera.

Address: 160 Cromwell Road, London SW5 0TL. Occupying 19th-century townhouse, this luxury boutique hotel is 6 minutes’ walk from Earl’s Court tube station.

Price: £65 per person; includes welcome aperitif and Guest Chef meal

Future Guest Chef Event Dates      

  • 26th May Teresa Buongiorno, Puglia
  • 24th June Luca Collami, Liguria
  • 14th July Andrea Incerti, Emilia- Romagna
  • 8th September Donato Episcopo, Veneto
  • 21st October Paolo Barrale, Campania
  • 25th November Stefano Masanti, Lombardia (I presented him in 2011 at the Tutto Food show-cooking in Milan)


Thank you Zomato and Evoluzione for hosting a great evening.




  • Sonia ha detto:

    visitai la Basilica qualche anno fa per la prima volta, me ne sono innamorata e non vedo l’ora di tornarci

  • Fede ha detto:

    La Basilicata e’ bellissima e, cultura a parte, un paradiso della gastronomia. Bell’evento davvero!

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