What’s your favourite TV show of the year?

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English post only.

During the Christmas holidays, I love spending time on the sofa watching tv series with my parents (this time of the year is also known as “blanket days”).

I am a big fan of this kind of show, to name a few of my favourites: Sex and the City, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Friends and more recently Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Game of Thrones and my first British television drama: Sherlock.


When I moved to London, I read many the Sherlock novels trying to improve my English. I learnt to love the logical reasoning mind that characterises the detective.

The TV show is an adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories, but our protagonist lives in a contemporary London and I have to admit that watching him walk near The Shard, on the Millennium Bridge or catching the same tube I use every week, is quite thrilling. 🙂

I am completely in love with Benedict Cumberbatch, the English actor who performs Sherlock. Not that I am the only one, if you ask around pretty much the entire female population of London loves him and he won more than one “award” as Sexiest Man Alive 2014.

Apart Benedict/Sherlock, I love the show for the following three reasons

  • The plot: I never know what to expect from the next episode
  • Martin Freeman, who portrays an intense Dr. John Watson. Freeman moved me more than once, actually it’s better to say that I cried my heart out, especially during one episode, can you guess which one?
  • Professor James Moriarty, Sherlock mortal enemy. The character is based on Adam Worth, a real-life criminal mastermind who lived in America. Moriarty is the classic, old-fashioned villain: good birth, excellent education, incredibly smart brain and… a real psycho!

If you missed the first series, you can easily find the DVD on Amazon.


What’s your favourite TV show of the year?

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