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Birchbox and Women’s Health hit refresh challenge



How are you doing with the New Year’s resolutions?

I have to admit that I am struggling to attend the gym as many times I’d like and eating healthy all week. I always have a couple of days where I eat junk food (crisps, drinks, nibbles…). I will improve on this. ☺



Have you heard about Birchbox?

Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box of five carefully selected samples of makeup, or other beauty related products.



For the January box, Birchbox have partnered with health and wellbeing expert Women’s Health magazine to ‘Hit Refresh’ and to celebrate this union they hosted a great workout with Lee at The Workshop Gym, inside the fabulous Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge.


The workout with Lee was mat based, using our body weight and the resistance bands that were in our Birchbox boxes.



We did different exercises like squats, planks, Pilates movements and the band made everything more intense. We closed the session with some yoga poses and a breath technique to help us sleep well).

WH-Workshop22  WH-Workshop16


In my box I found the resistance band we used plus:

  • a shining Stila lip glaze
  • a workout challenge booklets
  • a Philip Kingsley conditioner
  • a Caudalie serum
  • an Activebod shower gel
  • an Embrace Matcha Green Tea
  • and a Healgel rescue formula.

If you want to know how to use a Pilates Band, check this great article.

And if you want to try Birchbox you have 2 days left to order your January box and I have a DISCOUNT for you: quote BBXWHEVENT at the shopping bag page!


It’s time to sweat more!




P.S. note to self: come back to the Bulgari Hotel to try the most fantastic indoor pool ever, isn’t it amazing!?

Bulgari Hotel and Residencies, Knightsbridge, London.



The Lust List │Butterfly



Butterflies are one of my latest obsessions. You know when you see something on a magazine, on TV, on Pinterest and then you become obsessed with it?!


Here are some of my favourites finds.


1 Flaunt It Dance Vest 


It’s not a secret, Sweaty Betty is among the fitness brand I love most. The all-new Spring Summer 15 ‘Social Butterfly’ collection is incredibly beautiful and it pictures butterflies, bees buzzing and dragonflies darting over still water. I am currently lusting for too many items, let me show you a few.
The nature-inspired print of this lightweight dance vest delivers a pretty look with a long racerback segueing into a low open back. The high-stretch fabric has an incredibly soft hand-feel.


2 Urdhva Yoga Leggings 


Those great leggings are perfect for yoga and pilates thanks to 100% opacity, high-stretch fabric and anti-chafe flatlock seams for full reversibility.


Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson – Debenhams collection SS15

3 – Designer medium purple butterfly wall decoration £8.00

4 –  Designer blue myrrh scented candle £16.00

The Butterfly by Matthew Williamson collection is famous for its eclectic and vibrant coloured women’s and kids’ clothing, as well as decorative home accessories. I was dazed by the vibrant colour scheme home collection and I particularly liked cushions, candles and wall decorations.


5 Butterflies sticky notes box 


This pretty box of sticky notes has a butterfly design and a magnetic strip along the bottom edge to hold it shut. Inside it, a complete assortment of 6 different sticky notes, a perfect item to have on an organized desk.



For obvious reasons I couldn’t include the following in the Lust List, but I thought it is a nice addition to the article:

  • From the Hunger Games Trilogy “Catching Fire”, we saw Effie Trinket in an exciting Monarch Butterfly McQueen dress



Marsala, Pantone dell’anno 2015



Avete già visto il colore Pantone 2015, Marsala? Cosa ne pensate?


Personalmente trovo il nome meraviglioso, ma questo rosso/marrone/violaceo mi lascia qualche dubbio sul suo reale utilizzo nella vita quotidiana – escludendo un meraviglioso grembiule da sommelier che possiedo. :)

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director del Pantone Color Institute®, nel comunicato stampa dice:

“Proprio come il vino liquoroso da cui Marsala deriva il suo nome, questa tinta raffinata incarna il soddisfacente sapore di un pasto appagante, mentre le sue stabilizzanti radici rosso-marroni emanano la sofisticata e naturale concretezza della terra.”

Un colore che dovrebbe arricchire la nostra anima secondo Leatrice, sono curiosa di vedere se e come verrà utilizzato dai grandi marchi, per il momento abbiamo già alcuni prodotti di make-up dedicati (come MAC and Essie).


3530a60f59faf9d43251a12d95f8f2d0 b1a050cd799fbd7c575657bbe84d29aa




La foto del make-up è di proprietà di

5 tips for healthy skin



English post only

December was about fun, January is #aboutface.

This is the message from the Simple Skincare invite I got last week.

Set Up & Details 063

December was a fun month, but also very stressful for our skin: party all night long, lots of drinks and sweets, up until late, cold weather and maybe we went to bed without removing any party make-up. Does this scenario sounds familiar to you? It certainly does to me.

Set Up & Details 007

At the #aboutface apartment party, Simple Skincare recreated the situations we lived in December and gave us tips on how to take care of our skin. Simple Skincare products could be found in any of the rooms, to help remind you about the best ways to combat stress and make the skin healthy and bright again.

Set Up & Details 010

Here are 5 tips to get your glow back! 

  1. Water.
    Drinking enough water makes a huge difference for your skin.The daily requirement of water varies from person to person and depends on the weather, the amount of excercise and the general condition of the organism. In general for an adult woman it is suggested to drink 1.5lt per day.
  2. Cleansing.
    Taking the make-up off properly is very important, don’t be lazy like me, and always remove your make-up before going to bed. – This will also save your nice bed sheets. :) – Spend about one minute massaging your cleanser into your face. Put in a bit of extra time at the T-zone. If you wear make-up, remove all make-up before cleansing. If your cleanser doubles as make-up remover, use it at least twice, particularly if you’re inclined to wear heavy make-up.
  3. Choose the right products.
    Avoid buying products with harsh chemicals in them. These can be triggers for sensitive skin and using gentler products can give you HUGE benefits. I used to use an alcoholic toner and it was a bad mistake for my sensitive skin.
  4. Eating yummy, healthy, skin-loving foods!
    Fruits and vegetables are great for our skin and for our bodies too. Remember to include fruit in your breakfast and lunch and fill your dinners full of veggies too!
  5. Sun.
    Wear an SPF every day of the year, ensure your day cream contains sun protection and that way you won’t forget!

Here is the masterpiece that I have created during the art attack moment. :-)


Artwork 059

Set Up & Details 048

Vellutata di zucca e il primo proposito per il nuovo anno

Ed eccoci qui, con una Moleskine bianca, pronta ad accogliere I pensieri e gli obiettivi del nuovo anno. Una stanza vuota da riempire. Tanti i buoni propositi che ho stilato, tutti incentrati sull’essere una persona migliore, non solo con il prossimo ma anche con me stessa, il mio avversario più temibile. (Magari gli obiettivi li condivido qui sul blog, che ne dite? Così a fine anno me li trovo li, scritti nero su bianco e non posso barare).
Intanto inizio con il portare avanti quello iniziato lo scorso anno: mangiare meglio, mangiare più verdura.
L’anno scorso ho scoperto i broccoli e provato il cavolfiore, i cavoletti di Bruxelles e una quantità di legumi mai sentiti prima.
Con questo proposito, allargato a mangiare meno carne e meno junk food – le patatine sono il mio tallone d’Achille – condivido con voi una delle mie vellutate preferite e, caso vuole, che la zucca abbia pochissime calorie e si riveli quindi perfetta per questo post-feste-sono-ingrassata-5KG!
  • Zucca mantovana, pulita, 1 kg
  • Patate 200 g
  • Brodo vegetale 1lt
  • Rametti di rosmarino fresco
  • Sale q.b.
  • Pepe q.b.
  • Noce moscata 1 pizzico
  • 2 spicchi di aglio
  • Mezza cipolla bianca
  • Olio evo
  • Parmigiano Reggiano  (facoltativo)
  • Crostini di pane (facoltativo)


Dopo avere tolto la buccia e i semi, tagliate la polpa di zucca a fette, sbucciate le patate e tagliatele a quadratini. Condite la zucca con olio, sale, pepe, rametti di rosmarino fresco e fatela cuocere in forno a 180C° per circa 40 minuti. Tritate finemente la cipolla e soffriggetela in pentola con l’olio d’oliva e l’aglio schiacciato.
Aggiungete le patate in pentola e qualche mestolo di brodo in modo da coprire il contenuto.
Lasciate cuocere con il coperchio a fuoco basso per circa 20-30 minuti, o fino a quando le patate non sono cotte. Se le patate dovesse asciugare troppo, aggiungete altro brodo, un mestolo alla volta.
Aggiungete la zucca alla zuppa, aggiustate di sale e pepe ed aggiungete la noce moscata. Quindi togliete la zuppa dal fuoco e, con l’aiuto di un mixer o di un frullatore a immersione, riducetela ad una crema liscia. La vellutata di zucca a questo punto è pronta, servitela calda con un filo d’olio e se volete accompagnata da un’abbondante spolverata di Parmigiano Reggiano e crostini di pane tostato.
Post in collaborazione con Le Creuset.
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