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A week in London – Insta-Paese N°10


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La scorsa settimana qui a Londra: da una pizza con la mia amica Sanja da Sartori, al BE:Fit fitness festival, passando per un pranzo libanese da Yalla Yalla (qui sopra), la presentazione di bellissimi capi in cachemire da Les 100 Ciels, un po’ di shopping ad Aldwych e il peggiore jet lag mai avuto.

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Last week here in London: from a night out with my friend Sanja at Sartori to try their pizza, to the BE:Fit festival on Sunday, via a Lebanese lunch at Yalla Yalla (photo above), some beautiful cashmere pieces from Les 100 Ciels, shopping around Aldwych, not enough sleeping and the worst jet lag I’ve ever had.


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SIU_6221-copyLes 100 Ciels

SIU_7348-copyLes 100 Ciels

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Be:Fit London, my experience


Jimi Rae - studio

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Over the last year and a half I have become addicted to the gym. No idea how this has been possible, I am always been quite lazy and I always found different excuses to not go to the gym: “I work till late, I work too much, it’s freezing outside, I will start tomorrow and blah blah…”

Then I found that is actually nice when you start to exercise and you find yourself more reactive, strong and you see your body changing and getting more fit, not to mention that you have more energy all day.

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When I had the chance to visit the Be:Fit London I was quite excited about the chance of trying some of the most famous workouts in the world. Unfortunately the time flew very quickly and I couldn’t do everything.

I started my day with a yoga session, always the perfect way to wake up and resume concentration, coming out of it totally re-tempered.

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Then I popped by the Beyonce Workout, to learn how to dance – and walk – like Queen Bee. You can see here 15 seconds of our dance session, I met so many other girls and we really had fun.

Then Insanity the world’s most popular fitness DVD that promises to give you an amazing body in 60 days. I can say that it is really INSANE: you jump and run and squat and jump and push and jump and kick and jump for 1 hour! You burn around 1000 calories during a session and the key point is that you still burn calories after the training.

I absolutely trust them, if you survive, you will get the perfect body!

After the workout I had a look at the exhibitors stands and I want to share a few that I liked.

Upbeat, the small bottle packed full of protein.
The dairy drink contains 20g of protein, as much as a chicken breast or four eggs. I have learnt that our bodies are only able to absorb about 30g of protein at any one time, so it’s best to distribute the daily protein intake across the day.

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Protein First, a high protein ice cream.
Each 150ml tub contains at least 15g of protein, is low in fat and is fortified with added vitamins.
I am quite picky about ice-cream and the lady at Protein First dared me to try it. Chocolate & Hazelnut flavour was my lunch on Sunday and I can say that it was delicious, better than many ice-creams you can get at the supermarket.


Vivid Matcha green tea.
Everybody knows the Matcha green tea, the natural powerhouse used by monks in the hills of Japan to improve concentration & wellbeing. They come in three different flavours, try all… you won’t regret it!

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First photo © Jimi Rae.

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Radley London AW14



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Ieri sono stata da Radley London per il lancio della collezione Autunno Inverno 2014 e sono tornata per un attimo all’autunno.

Un pavimento ricoperto di foglie secche, stufe accese – finte- , castagne e cupcakes a forma di fungo – vere – ci hanno accolto alla Music Room, insieme alla guest star della serata, Monty, l’adorabile Scottish Terrier che presta la sua immagine al marchio Radley.


In UK tutti conoscono Radley per la qualità della borse e il prezzo accessibile. La pelle è il cuore della produzione Radley: il carattere, la forza e la forma di ciascuno dei loro progetti inizia da questo materiale.



Tra le novità presentate la nuova No.1 range con la carpet bag che uscirà in agosto e la Bloomsbury collection disponibile in differenti colori, incluso l’energico lava orange.

Prezzi: da £39 per le clutch ad un massimo di £379 per le large bag in pelle.

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Yesterday I went to the Radley London AW14 press day, for an hour I left the Spring outside and immersed myself in an Autumnal feel.

A carpet of leaves, chestnuts, mushroom cupcakes welcomed us at The Music Room, along with the Guest Star of the evening, Monty the super cute Scottie dog, “testimonial” of the Radley brand.

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Everybody in UK knows Radley for the quality of their bags at an affordable price. Leather is at the heart of Radley, the character, strength and shape of each of their designs begins with this material.

Among the product launches the new No.1 and the Carpet Bag, look out for them in August, and the stunning Bloomsbury collection, available in several key colours including the powerful Lava Orange.

Price range: from £39 for a small clutch to £379 for a large leather bag.


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Be:Fit London



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Be:Fit London

Dove: Old Billingsgate Market

Quando: Venerdì 28 Marzo a Domenica 30 Marzo

Appena tornata dalla Thailandia e ancora in lotta con il jet lag sono pronta a ripartire con una settimana piena di appuntamenti, lavoro, palestra, amici, che terminerà con un evento per il quale faccio il countdown da più di un mese, il Be:Fit London, il più importante evento inglese dedicato al fitness e alla nutrizione che si svolgerà dal 28 al 30 Marzo presso Old Billingsgate.

Kirsty Gallacher, Denise Lewis, l’atleta olimpica Victoria Pendleton e l’ex modella Jodie Kidd sono le ambasciatrici ufficiali e insieme a molte marche di abbigliamento sportivo e nutrition brands come Yogi Tea, Koko Dairy Free e i magazines Cosmo Body, Harper’s Bazaar – e molti altri – presenzieranno ai tre giorni dell’evento.

Be:Fit London fornirà dimostrazioni dal vivo di training, dieta e nutrizione e terrà lezioni di fitness gratuite nel Reebok Fitness Studio con il supporto di alcuni importanti trainer come Leah Kim, Nike’s Global Yoga Ambassador e Anya Lahiri dal Barry’s Bootcamp, definito da molti “The Best Workout in the World”.

Sarò a Be:Fit London domenica con un’agenda incredibilmente già piena che include: la Beyonce Workout, per imparare a ballare come Beyonce (spero che la canzone sarà Bootylicious, magari porta bene ;-) ) e Insanity, il più popolare DVD fitness del mondo che promette di dare un corpo incredibile in 60 giorni.

Su Instagram e Twitter troverete i miei aggiornamenti live dal Be:Fit.

To book your ticket ->.

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Be:Fit London

Where: Old Billingsgate Market

When: Friday 28 March to Sunday 30 March


I am back from Thailand and still fighting with the jet lag, but I am ready for a super busy week that includes work, meetings, friends, gym and an event that I am really looking forward to it, the Be:Fit London at Old Billingsgate.
Be:Fit London is the major UK event dedicated to women’s health, fitness and nutrition, taking place from the 28th to 30th March 2014.

Kirsty Gallacher, Denise Lewis, Victoria Pendleton and Jodie Kidd are getting involved as official Ambassadors together with many amazing brands from sportswear such as Bordoni Sport to nutrition like Yogi Tea, Koko Dairy Free and also Cosmo Body, Harper’s Bazaar and many others.

Be:Fit London will provide live demonstrations of training techniques, the latest dietary information and will hold free fitness classes in the specially Reebok Fitness Studio studio with some leading fitness ambassadors such as Leah Kim, Nike’s Global Yoga Ambassador and Anya Lahiri from Barry’s Bootcamp.

I am VERY excited and I will be there on Sunday with an already full agenda, including the Beyonce Workout to learn how to dance like Beyonce (I hope the song will be Bootylicious ;-)) and Insanity, the world’s most popular fitness DVD that promises to give you an amazing body in 60 days.

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for real live update.

To book your ticket ->.

Tea with Pandora



English and Italian version together

La settimana scorsa ho avuto il piacere di di unirmi a Pandora per l’evento #teawithpandora, che si é tenuto presso il loro flagship store in 465 Oxford Street.

La location era la Pandora VIP lounge resa spettacolare dall’allestimento di luci e decorata con tende rosa e fiori ovunque.

Credo che tutti conosciate il brand di gioielli danese Pandora e i loro charms, io attualmente sono innamorata di questo sottile anello che andrà direttamente sulla mia wishlist Pinterest. :-)


Last week I had the pleasure to spend some time at the Pandora flagship store in 465 Oxford Street for their event #teawithpandora.

The location was the spectacular VIP lounge, decorated with lights, pink curtains and lots of flowers.

I believe you all know the Danish jewellery brand Pandora and their stylish charms… I’m in love with this tiny, black enamel ring that will go directly to my Pinterest wishlist. :-)


Ci siamo seduti al tavolo che vedete qui sopra, dove abbiamo apprezzato svariati sandwich – ho scoperto l’abbinamento pollo e avocado e non posso più vivere senza – mini scones, lemon pies e deliziosi macarons al lampone. Senza dubbio i cocktails con melograno e fiore di sambuco hanno contribuito alla nostra sessione di conversazione senza fine. :-)

We sat down at our table you can see above, where we enjoyed sandwiches – I discovered the chicken and avocado match and I won’t be able to live without them anymore – mini scones, lemon pies and delicious raspberry macarons. The excellent cocktails with pomegranate and elder-flower have no doubt contributed to our rather extended conversation session. :-)


Qui di seguito alcune foto scattate da Pandora a me e alla mia amica blogger Cris.

Below some Pandora photos of me and my dear friend Cris, who became my blogger mate!



Dopo il tè siamo stati coccolati con una pink manicure realizzata da Perfect 10, una “mobile beauty company” che opera sul territorio londinese e offre una vasta gamma di trattamenti di bellezza per corporate event o da godere nel comfort della propria casa.

After the tea some pampering: we had a manicure with the lovely team from Perfect 10, a London mobile beauty company that offers a wide range of beauty services to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Thanks Pandora for the lovely afternoon together, I had a blast!


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